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Ask Denise: Office Tours

Denise Lones

Q: My new office requires me to tour after our weekly meetings.  I think touring is a waste of my time.

A: I completely disagree.  Because they can see online photos, agents have gotten away from the practice of previewing and touring.  While online photos are helpful, nothing beats getting into a house “live”.  And of course, the other reason to tour is to support your colleagues’ listings.  For that reason alone, I think it’s a great idea … and I applaud your broker for making it part of your office culture.

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4 Responses to “Ask Denise: Office Tours”

  1. Tim Monaghan says:

    I agree — I have found many of my borrowers are a bit disappointed when they go to a house referred to them by their agent, only to find that it is not at all what they were looking for. Taking the time to preview listings is a huge thing when it comes to meeting buyer expectations, and touring also insures that you know what your collegues may have to offer, sometimes before they even hit the market.
    Never a bad thing to have a bit of inside information for your buyers!

  2. Steve Hill says:

    Previewing homes in person, especially in the neighborhood you farm, is essential. When an agent holds an open house in the neighborhood they farm and preview, they can speak intimately about surrounding homes and can suggest other homes that might appeal to a potential buyer.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Steve, you hit a home run with this comment! I can always tell agents who know their inventory when I go into an open house. Their market knowledge shines through or they fall VERY flat with their lack of knowledge. Great comment!

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