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Ask Denise: How to Handle the Holiday Slump

Q: “Denise, it seems like my business falls off at this time of year every single year…and I panic. I am so sick of feeling this way over the holidays. Can you help me get through this?”

A: Every business has a pace. If your business gets quiet this time of year every year, then why not lean into it and enjoy it? Take a vacation. Take some time off. Bake some cookies.

However, if you haven’t done what you need to have done through the year in terms of:

  1. Consistently keeping in touch with your database…on schedule
  2. Having done something special for your past clients – such as an Annual Client Review or Appreciation Event
  3. Taken care of your clients who have closed in the last year.

…then you have some cleaning up to do before you can enjoy. But if you have planted all your seeds and your seeds typically don’t sprout until later in the winter, then fretting about the seeds, shaking a hoe around, and staring at them won’t get them to grow faster. You might as well enjoy the time and let the seeds do their work.

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