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Step Out … of Your Comfort Zone!

For a long time now, I’ve talked about the value of blogging for real estate agents (and other entrepreneurs!).  When blogging first appeared on the scene, it appeared to be a mystical, magical kind of thing … something that only a select few individuals would have the time or energy to master.

There were a lot of questions early on – questions about which blogging “platform” to use, questions about how to blog, when to blog, and why to blog.  Questions about whether blogging could really contribute to the bottom line of your business … or whether it was the equivalent of playing Tetris all day rather than actually putting real estate transactions together.

Fast forward to our world today.  I think it’s pretty clear that blogs are here to stay.  Yes, they’ll evolve over time.  But in an increasingly wired world, it only makes sense that blogging will become a mainstay of communication to potential clients.

And here’s where there is a huge opportunity for you: it’s estimated that only 5-8% of all real estate agents have a blog at all.  Even smaller is the percentage of agents who are actually providing good content on their blog, or blogging regularly enough to have an impact.  Do you see the opportunity that exists for you as a result?  I do!

I know many of you may be ready to stop reading at this point.  Maybe you’re nervous about learning new technology.  Or concerned about finding or creating great content.   Do you worry that “if you build it, they will come” … and you’ll be flooded with responses?  Or is it a fear that you’ll spend time, energy, and money on your blog, only to learn that no one visits it?

Here’s what I want you to know – there are agents in the marketplace today (right this very moment) who are making money as a result of their blogs.  And you can too!

I love blogging as a lead generation tool for entrepreneurs because while there is a cost in man-hours, the hard dollar costs are low.  That’s a huge plus in our current economy.  Just as importantly, a blog allows you to share your “voice” with many more people than you can reach solely with traditional methods of communication.  Of course, the larger your market share in the blog world (assuming you are providing good content), the higher the possibility you will translate that market share to dollars and cents.

Yes, you are going to have a learning curve when you begin blogging.  But that’s ok – and it’s to be expected.  Anything that generates results requires work, and sometimes growing pains along the way!  The key is to take action, get started, and learn as you go.

I’m a perfect example.  I’m not a 20-something kid, born in the digital age.  I’m a baby boomer.  And even though I didn’t grow up with technology the way my younger colleagues did, I’m living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  In fact, I believe old dogs should learn new tricks on a regular basis!

This year I made the decision to put my old blog on steroids.  I knew that I was missing opportunities to reach out to real estate agents, business owners, and entrepreneurs because my blog wasn’t everything it could be.  So I began the process of recreating my blog in order to make it better than ever.  (If you want to hear me talk about the process, take a peek at my YouTube video, “The Evolution of a Blog”, where I share the details with you.)

That video breaks down the evolution of my new blog into an overview of manageable steps – steps that you can also take when thinking about your blog which help take the fear out of moving forward into this critical arena.  Along the way I’ve done a ton of research on blogging.  I’ve also done a lot of experimenting and testing to see what works … and what doesn’t.  I didn’t get it perfect every time out of the chute, but through persistence I did come up with a working formula that’s successful for my company.

Maybe, after you listen to the video and do a little research, you’ll feel comfortable enough to start your own blog without any help.  To help you get started, I’m making available a FREE e-book, entitled “20 Insider Secrets for Taking Your Real Estate Blog to the Next Level”.

But perhaps you need a little more help to get over the hurdles.  Most agents do … which is why I’ve created a program to help you do just that.  It’s called No Blogger Left Behind, and it is amazing!

I worked with one of the leading blogging experts in the country – my colleague, Frances Flynn Thorsen – to create a program that breaks down the blogging barriers, and helps you with not only the philosophical aspects of blogging (the when, where, why, what, and how to blog), but also the technical nuts and bolts of successful blogging.  Just take a look at what we’re going to cover!

Module 1……………. Your blogging business plan

Module 2……………. Find your blogging focus / niche

Module 3……………. Start blogging!

Module 4……………. Promoting your blog “organically”

Module 5……………. Tracking blog visitors

Module 6……………. Adding video to your blog

Module 7……………. Building a blog community

Module 8……………. Earn income from your blog

The best part?  I’m offering No Blogger Left Behind (which is valued at over $500) to my Zebra Report readers for just $97!  The 70+ training videos alone are worth a small fortune in terms of saved time and money.  If you’re even remotely considered blogging (or if you have a blog but aren’t seeing the results you need), sign up today for No Blogger Left Behind and create results in this important part of your business.

Blogs are living, growing entities. Experiment with your blog.  Test different ideas, different types of posts, different “voices”.  Your traffic will tell you if readers like what you’re posting.  If they don’t, make changes until you hit upon your winning formula.  It may take just a little time, but I guarantee it can be done.

Invest in your blog and you will reap rewards in your business!  Remember – those old dogs sometimes need to step out of their comfort zones and learn a new trick or two!

“RealtySocialQ” is a term we use when talking about the level of technical awareness you currently possess.   Wondering about your RealtySocialQ?   Take our FREE assessment now!  We’ll assess your technology profile, and make recommendations to help you build your business.

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