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Ask Denise: Tablet Listing Presentations

Denise Lones

Q: What do you think about using tablets (like an iPad) at a listing presentation? Lots of title companies in my areas are giving classes on this, and are even offering to create a listing presentation for me if I buy the tablet from them.

A: Having great materials for presentation is important. But I don’t love the idea of tablets, even though I know many agents have latched on to them as the next great thing. Yes, they’re slick… but there are some obvious challenges, not the least of which is that they’re small in size. That can be a real challenge if you are talking to two or more clients simultaneously. Reflections and glare also cause problems. Finally, we are both a visual and a tactile society. Nothing beats the ability to touch beautiful, glossy presentation materials. That’s something you just can’t do with a tablet!

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