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Lis Brown’s Story

Lis Brown

What have I learned from my coaching with Denise and The Lones Group?

I have learned goals

I have learned limits

I have learned how to speak “my truth”

I have learned how to say “thank you” and “no” in the same sentence

I have learned how to accept success along with failure  

I have learned to predict the better outcome rather than the worst

I have learned my family is more important than a stranger or a paycheck

I have learned that all people struggle and just want to know they are not alone

I have learned where to find my best friends

I have learned that when I want to give up most is when I need to reinvest myself more

I have learned that having a mentor can change my life…

… And the lives of my children,

… And my family,

… And my friends,

… And my clients,

… And my dogs,

… And my neighbors,

… And my community

… And even passing strangers.


I have learned that sharing wisdom is at the center of creating a better life for everyone.

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