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Custom Home Building… Trend? Or Here to Stay?

More and more people are opting to build their own custom home rather than buy ready-made new construction.  There are many reasons for this which we will discuss shortly, but this increase will surely create a further shortage of available trades.

The definition of a custom home build is when a home is built by a homeowner on their piece of land.  It is not, for the purposes of this article someone who buys a custom home; it is someone who builds a custom home.

So why has custom home building become so popular in the last few years? Most certainly, the TV shows that are dominating the airwaves about home improvement, building, construction, renovation, decorating, and interior design are helping to fuel this craze. Custom home built numbers have increased and according to the National Association of Home Builders census data shows this trend continues to climb upwards.

With the housing crisis and the demand for specialized home customization people are wanting to create a custom solution rather than buying new inventory.  What has fueled people’s decisions in purchasing was definitely the desire to create a custom home and to ensure a quality product.

People like to have control over the process of quality control and this is brought on by the fear of construction quality because of the shortage of trades. Often times, people are concerned about the quality of the work because of the horror stories they hear from others.

A custom home today is also trending towards a smaller square footage footprint for the home. In other words, people are opting for a smaller size but higher quality finishes, better home amenities, indoor-outdoor living, more focus on interior design, more focus on quality tile work, more expensive shower fittings, and custom created interior designs. All of this takes away from those home owners that would normally buy. They are creating their own sale in essence as they build on their own lot.

I believe this trend will continue as homeowners get more and more focused on a home environment that is completely customized to them. The benefit of building on their own lot is usually driven by the customization they can create. For example, if they have a parent they want to live with them, they can create (depending on the zoning in their area) an additional dwelling unit for that parent. If they have a child returning from college, they can customize their bedroom to better suit the growing needs of their returning child. Custom home building is going to continue to increase as the needs of buyers continue to be so diverse.

When working with buyers and sellers that discuss new home construction, custom home building, renovations, home makeovers, it is essential that you as the agent understand and know what is out there and available in the market place for these buyers and sellers. There is no doubt that we are going to see this trend increase in the next 5 to 10 years.


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