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Ask Denise: Experience vs Youth

Q: Denise, it is time for me to take a new photo. The one I am currently using is 15 years old. My hair just isn’t that big anymore and I have way more wrinkles. I am struggling because I am in an office with a lot of 30-somethings who dress hipper, understand technology so much better than I can ever hope to, and are dominating with their Millennial clients. I worry that when I replace my photo (which I look a lot younger in), I will completely throw away any potential I have with working with younger clients. I have almost 30 years of experience but I feel like I am in the slow lane and this photo has me feeling my age. Help!

A: First of all, you have almost 30 years in the business. Do you know how valuable and remarkable that is? You have seen market ups and downs. You have helped probably hundreds of people through a home transition. Furthermore, you should have a database at this point in your career that is a goldmine. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have such as advanced technology skills, why don’t you focus on what you do have – experience, expertise, professional relationships, and vast community knowledge?

You have what people want. You have to remember that. Go get an outfit that you feel outstanding in and make that photographer appointment. And don’t let the photographer airbrush out all your wrinkles!

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