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Ask Denise: Getting Positive

Q: “Denise, I have been dealing with some stuff in my personal life that is making it very difficult to summon any sort of enthusiasm for my real estate business. I know my energy is not positive and I can see – and feel! – the results in my business. How do I get over this hump?”

It sounds as if this is an ongoing challenge that is going to continue to affect you for a few months as opposed to a tough time that you have already put behind you. Therefore your approach has to be one of management. How are you going to manage your business so you can split your focus for the time being and how are you going to manage to put your best foot forward and get rid of the cloud that is hanging over your head? Let’s look at possible solutions:

  1. Hour of Power – It might be difficult to think about managing a lot of projects, so instead, just take care of them for an hour each day. You have a list of non-current business-related things (more like lead generation and past client care) that you need to take care of and an Hour of Power is perfect for that. It only takes a little personal self-discipline to sit down at a desk for an hour. If you can’t check your email or Facebook, you will be forced to sit there and do something. So why not get some outreach work done!
  2. Happy People – One of the best ways to infuse your life with positive energy when you can’t generate it yourself is to be around positive people. That might come from making some calls to past clients just to check in. It might come from agents in your office. Or it might come from any community groups you are involved with. When we are sitting at home alone, it is easy to drift back to a negative space. But if you get out of the house and get around others, that might be just what you need! Change out of your pajamas, wash your hair, and join the living!

Good luck to you and know that this will pass.

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