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Ask Denise: Laptop VS Tablet

Q: “Denise, I have been putting off buying a new laptop. I don’t know if I want to get a tablet, a laptop, or what! I have a laptop now. I like the functionality of my laptop, but there are so many people who are telling me to get with the program and get a tablet. I think there is less functionality on a tablet, but then why is everyone so gung-ho about them? My laptop is hanging on by a thread and I need to make a decision. What do you suggest?”

A: You like the functionality of your laptop. Your gut is telling you to get a new laptop. But you are afraid of missing out because your colleagues are on about the tablets, causing doubt for you. But what if YOU had the secret formula because it is you who harnessed the power of the laptop?

I would make a list of all the things you usually do on your laptop – from entering information into the MLS to working with forms, email, CMAs, listing presentations, your mailers, your marketing materials, and more. Take that list to Best Buy or Costco and test drive the laptops and the tablets. Determine which is easier to use and then trust your decision.

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