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We just had a great two-day Safari workshop this week. What I love most about Safari is that no two are alike! Although the principles and foundations of each are the same, the application of those principles of each are driven by the unique needs of the agents in the room.

At this last Safari, there were agents with years of experience, some that were brand new, some whose business had stagnated and needed new energy, and even some agents that were overwhelmed with business and were trying to put together transactions on the breaks. Some were there for clock hours but some were there because they really needed to take some time to focus on building or tweaking their business.

Simplify to Multiply

I used one of my favorite terms, Simplify to Multiply many many times over those two days. I find that agents get themselves overwhelmed by trying to incorporate too many things and not having enough rules. The problem with real estate is that each agent is their own marketer, receptionist, admin assistant, bookkeeper, and more, so the more you can simplify what you do, the more energy you will have to make those systems run. Rules and systems need to be the overarching principle in your business.

Top 10 Rules and Systems Agents are Missing

Below are the top ten items that most real estate businesses need to have rules or systems around. And if your answer to any of these is, I am not sure or it depends then you don’t have a system. To simplify and reduce stress, you need a system.

What is your:

  1. system for what happens when you have someone new enter your pipeline?
  2. system for keeping connected with your database?
  3. system for keeping connected with past clients?
  4. system for a listing presentation?
  5. system for taking a listing?
  6. system for starting to work with a buyer?
  7. rule for pricing properties or taking an overpriced listing?
  8. rule for types of properties you won’t sell (consider your geographic location as well)?
  9. system for thanking clients for referrals?
  10. system for thanking agents for referrals?

I could go on, but I encourage you to list out your system or rule for each one of these items as a starting point. Once you get these tackled, then you can start to look at lead generation and some of the more-specialized items in your business, but get these down first.

And remember, part of the Simplify to Multiply principle is that you need to run your business with blinders. Don’t think you are missing out just because some agent in your office has this new app that is supposed to make your life easier or is implementing a new lead generation systems “guaranteed” to send dozens of online leads per month. Trust me – there is no magic formula out there that you are missing out on. Every time you turn your head to check out something new, you are taking your eye off the ball. You need to define your systems and stay the course. If something isn’t quite working, take the time to tweak it, but don’t be tempted to constantly reinvent the wheel. You don’t have the energy for that.

Taking Action

Define your systems and rules and you will be amazed at the relief you will feel the next time you are called upon to do that activity! For example, let’s say today you decided that you would refine your system for taking on a new buyer. You develop a checklist, gather all the information they need to get started, include a referral sheet for mortgage lenders, and put it all in a snazzy folder. Do you know the relief you will feel the next time you get that call from someone who is ready to buy when you have that system ready to go? It goes from being a source of stress to being a no-brainer!

Don’t underestimate the power of systems and rules. Get your systems under control, tune out the noise, and simplify your life!

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2 Responses to “Simplify!”

  1. Gary Nims says:

    Loved this article. I’m sitting here alone, eating my dinner that I just warmed up after a key ceremony. My head is still spinning from the activities of the day. I’m catching up on a little reading as I eat…and now, reading this…I realize I’m on the right track. Thanks for the good word.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Gary when you start on the path to excellence there is this MOMENT when you realize, you are well down that path. Good for you as you have earned your place on the path!

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