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Ask Denise: Mobile Office

Q: “Denise, I am trying to create a mobile office in my car since I seem to be out and about so much. I have also been called to meet with new clients at the last minute and I want to be prepared. But with my dogs and kids in and out of my car so much, I am concerned that everything is going to get beat up and hairy. Any suggestions?”

Yes! What you need is a sturdy storage solution (and perhaps two depending on what you need to have in your car) and some rules. For your sturdy storage solution, I suggest having a plastic bin that you can store your items in such as buyer or seller packages or your presentation. This box needs to be closed and sealed to keep out wayward dirt and dog hair. An open-top, soft-close, or even cardboard box isn’t going to cut it. You need to invest in something durable.

Now let’s talk about rules. You need to have rules around what else is allowed to go in your trunk or in the back of the car if you have a hatchback. If it were me, I would say no muddy or furry clothes, blankets, towels, etc can go into the space adjacent to your storage box. In fact, what you can do is have a tote of some kind in the backseat that serves as a catch-all for that kind of stuff. Then just bring it in and it can go directly into the laundry.

Then I would have a rule about keeping your car clean. Having a day of the week (such as a Monday morning) is a great time to do a sweep of your vehicle, bring in the wayward items from the tote, make sure your buyer and seller packages and materials you need are stocked and ready to go, take out all the garbage, and do a light vacuum if necessary. If you do this once a week, this is probably a 10 minute job that will create peace of mind in your new mobile office.

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