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Ask Denise: Mobile Office

Q: “Denise, I am trying to create a mobile office in my car since I seem to be out and about so much. I have also been called to meet with new clients at the last minute and I want to be prepared. But with my dogs and kids in and out of my car […]

Ask Denise: Should I buy a new car?

Denise Lones

Q:  I am embarrassed by my work car and am trying to talk my husband into purchasing a new one. It isn’t too old, but as a family car it is “decorated” with crayons, dog hair, and smells funny. I clean it all the time, but the messes just come back. My husband feels that […]

Ask Denise: Luxury Car

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I was wondering if I should be concerned about not being able to afford to drive a luxury car when working with buyers? A:  That is an excellent question and one that I have had much experience with over the years. I have had the opportunity to work with many agents who could […]

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