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Ask Denise: Listing Letters

Q: “Denise, I have a listing coming up and I heard about some letter campaign that you recommend for the neighbors. Can you tell me about that?”

A: Yes! In fact, this campaign of three letters are making my clients a lot of money. One of my new clients, in fact, started doing this campaign a little over a year ago and she indicated she doubled her income just by sending out these three little letters. Here is the plan:

1. Letter to the neighbors indicating the home has been listed – this is not your typical Just Listed postcard. This is a letter that has been mail merged, with the neighbor’s name and address. The letter basically states that the neighbor’s home has been listed and the neighbors can expect increased traffic. List out the dates of the open house and invite them to come and take a look. Also indicate that if they have small children or pets, you would be happy to place a “slow down” sign near their property.

The reason the above letter works so brilliantly is because it is based on service, not sales; you are being of service, not trying to get a sale.

2. Letter to the neighbors when the home pends -in this letter, you are letting the neighbors know the home has pended, traffic should slow down, and you will let them know the final sales price when the home sells.

3. Letter to the neighbors when the home sells – in this letter, you will let them know that new neighbors will be moving in soon, what the home sold for, and perhaps a few additional neighborhood statistics. You can also let them know that this sale may change local market values and that if they are curious about theirs because they are thinking of possibly moving, that you are happy to meet with them.

It is that simple! Make this part of your listing plan and you won’t be disappointed!

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