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Ask Denise: Attention on Online Leads

Q: “Denise what do you think about paying for online leads?”

A: Online leads have saturated the market over the years and many agents have paid for them with little to no success while others love them.  The key is to know whether or not an online lead suits your personality and your overall work style.  Online leads require INSTANT ON DEMAND ATTENTION and many agents are just not responsive enough for an online lead. Online leads also require that you become a concierge provider of information with the ability to do reports and charts and graphs to visually impress the online lead.  Some agents just don’t respond well to this and frankly don’t do a good enough job of following up with online leads to keep them communicating back.

For some agents this is a good form of lead generation but many clients that I have worked with over the years have found that by the time they have figured out that online lead generation is not for them they have spent thousands of dollars that they didn’t have to spend.  So before you sign up for a one year program make sure to do a one month trial.

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