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Banding Spotlight: Klarman & Zaugg

Erik Zaugg and Joe Klarman, team leaders of the Russell Jones brokerage in the heart of Seattle, envisioned a personal brand design inspired by pulp fiction magazines–like the comic book-style magazine printed in the early to mid-1900’s. We started by creating a logo with text similar to the magazine headlines, and a custom Seattle Skyline illustration. We built the rest of the brand with a angular line dividing their names and information. On the Home Book cover, the diagonal inspired a stylish and eye-catching layout that invites viewers to look inside.

We used gold to provide a bit of shine, combined with a modern sans-serif font and a vintage-looking headline font. Klarman and Zaugg’s new brand is perfectly modern and classic at the same time, and compliments their natural ability to stand out from the crowd.


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