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Branding Spotlight: Jake Bradshaw & Kookie Wemyss

The starting point: Hailing from Hawaii, Kookie Wemyss and Jake Bradshaw are a mother-son team that love travel, both for the adventure and the people they meet along the way. Together, they have made the Hele Home Team. Hele, a Hawaiian word meaning “go to”, symbolizes their passion for helping clients move anywhere they want to go.

The target audience: Their first-hand experience with travel, both for short vacations and long-term living arrangements, means they have a lot in common with their relocation clients.

The strategy: While the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii share a personable style, Jake and Cookie wanted to emphasize their professionalism as well. To do this, they selected a charcoal and gold palette and a minimal monogram logo. The font for their logo and select headlines has a graceful curve in the cross-bar of many letters, which was carried into the header of many templates.

The final brand: For a luxurious and personal touch, their brand incorporates a photo of a seashell half-buried in dark gray volcanic sand.

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