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Branding Spotlight: Experience Books

Whether it’s the charm of the house, a conquered challenge, a special client, or an exciting chain of events, no two transactions are ever identical. (It’s one of the fun things about our industry!) How do you tell potential clients of your experience and versatility? With an Experience Book. 

Just like the name implies, an Experience Book shows the properties and clients you’ve previously helped in a case-study format. It’s a great way to collect all your favorite and unique transactions in one place with easy-to-customize formatting and space to tell your story. Your future clients will love taking a peek at your past to see if you helped a buyer or seller like them before. Some of our clients have amazing, heartwarming stories. Others have tales of perseverance and patience. It’s all relevant.

Now, let’s say you’ve put everything together. How do you want to print it and bind it? There are several options. 

Professional Printers:

  • Hardback Book – Some agents have requested their template to be compatible with services like Shutterfly, where they can upload the final pages and order a hardback book with a glossy cover. This makes for a very impressive final book.
  • Perfect Bound – Like a soft-cover book, this is a great option if you have a lot of pages in your experience book. You will need to find a printer who offers this type of binding.
  • Saddle-Stitch – This is a great option when you don’t have enough pages for a perfect-bound book. It’s like a multi-page brochure, folded in half, and stapled, stitched, or glued in the fold to keep the pages together.
  • Spiral Bound – This binding is possible at many small print shops, and it usually has a small minimum of pages needed. It also lays flat on a table. 

DIY Printing: 

  • Binder – If you want to keep adding pages to your experience book as you go, you can collect them in a nice binder. Make sure you spring for a nice cover and high-quality hardware. You can either hole-punch the pages or use clear sleeves. It’s not as polished as some of the professional printing options
  • Staples – We only mention this to ask you not to do this. After all the work on the transactions and then creating the pages to talk, don’t fumble the presentation at the end. 

If you want to add a branded Experience Book to your tool box, or if you have questions about what’s included, reach out to one of our branding specialists.
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