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Design Spotlight: Dan & Amber Soria

Dan and Amber Soria were looking for something truly  unique for their custom brand – a look that incorporated a nautical thing without making the viewers squawk “Arrrrrr, matey”.

The Sorias were seeking saturated colors, and a structured format.  Something frilly and feminine was out of the question.  Instead, they wanted a bold and streamlined visual statement, one which featured rocks, slate, wood, and water.  Did you note the clever use of the woodblocked mermaid at the top of the brand?

Their brand not only incorporated everything on their wish list, it also allows them the flexibility to market as an agent team, or as individual agents.

Both Dan and Amber are thrilled with their brand.

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2 Responses to “Design Spotlight: Dan & Amber Soria”

  1. LOVE this brand! Suits both Dan and Amber well.

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