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Ask Denise: Taking Time Off

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, your article on taking time off really helped me – I took a week of vacation in August for the first time in six years. It felt great! I’m hoping to do this every year!

A:  I don’t think this was actually a question, but I wanted to share your comment here so others could see it. There’s nothing like the feeling of rejuvenation you get when you take a break from work and create some “you” time. I’m glad my article helped you make that happen!

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2 Responses to “Ask Denise: Taking Time Off”

  1. Hi Denise,
    I can also relate to taking a vacation. Everytime I would take a vacation I would spend all my time on the phone trying to save a transaction or trying to put a deal together. I spent several hours one time in the bathroom at Circus, Circus trying to save a deal because the casino was so noisy. I have never enjoyed a vacation in the 8 years of being a Realtor. I have been planning a Mediterranean cruise for 2 years & next week I leave for 2 weeks. All of a sudden I have all this business happening. I was getting so depressed. I asked a agent in our office if she could handle my clients while I was gone. I told her I would forward all my calls to her, she could have all my new clients & even the commission, I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to let anything spoil this trip. She said she would love to. I finally am able to get excited about my trip & not have to worry about my business. It will be here when I get back. I try & attend as many of your classes as I can. You give so much valuable information that just keeps my business rolling.
    Thank you so much,

    • Denise Lones says:

      Karen, thanks for your comments … and congratulations on finding a solution to your vacation woes! I don’t think you have to give away all your commission next time you go on a trip, but if that’s what it took for you to take your first real vacation in eight years, I’m glad you found a way to make that happen. We have some great classes coming up this fall and I know we’ll see you there. I hope you have a fabulous trip!

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