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Ask Denise: Standing Out in Marketing

Q: “Denise, in an effort to drum up business, I want to start sending letters about how inventory is low, prices are up, and now is a great time to sell. However, I feel like everyone is sending the same message. How do I stand out?”

A: Great question! You can stand out in two ways –  with statistics and by focusing on a specific segment of the market. Here is what that looks like:

  • First start by defining the segment of the market. This may be an area, type of home, price point, amenity, etc, that is performing better than the market as a whole. This will require you to do some research on solds over the last year.For example, your research may conclude that while the MLS as a whole is selling homes for 1% over list price with a 22 days on market average, one particular neighborhood or ramblers are selling for 4% above list price with a 13 days on market average. Finding a segment of the market that is performing better or differently than the same old message that they might be hearing from everywhere else will indeed help you stand out.
  • Then you need to prove your point with stats. Show where your data came from. If the days on market average is 22 but ramblers are selling in 13, then ramblers are selling 41% quicker than the average. Include that information on your mailers. In this case, perhaps comparing price per square foot might also be an interesting statistic to look at.

Also, remember, it may not be a great time to sell for everyone, so be wary of spreading a generic message like that. In fact, indicating that it may not be a great time to sell is a fantastic contrarian message. Inviting people to contact you for help in evaluating their situation and whether or not they should sell or stay put is a great service, it shows that you are looking out for their best interest and not just your bottom line, and it gets people thinking.

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