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Ask Denise: In Person vs Online

Q: “Denise why is it so important to get buyers out looking at more properties in person and less properties on line?”

A: Buyers today are getting so frustrated because they think they find their perfect home online only to find out that the home smells, or it doesn’t quite look like it did in the online photos.  With today’s high definition photography  it is easy for homes to photograph better than they look in real life.  Buyers need to get inside homes to really get the feel of the size of the rooms and the flow of the floorplan.  You just can’t do this online.  I have also seen buyers who have discounted homes because of their online photos only to find out later that the home was in the perfect neighborhood on a perfect street and in perfect condition.  Photos can be VERY deceiving.  Encourage your buyers to invest time in the home search and to get out and walk through homes to get a true feel for their size and their flow.  Buyers that do more looking in person will always get a better feel for a property than someone who is couch surfing their home search.

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