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Ask Denise: In Person vs Online

Q: “Denise why is it so important to get buyers out looking at more properties in person and less properties on line?” A: Buyers today are getting so frustrated because they think they find their perfect home online only to find out that the home smells, or it doesn’t quite look like it did in […]

Ask Denise: Smaller Modern Homes

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, more and more of my buyers want homes that are much smaller than what is readily available on the market. Space-wise they want the size of home that was built up until the 1980s, but they don’t want the floorpans that were used 30 or more years ago – and the ceilings are […]

The Changing Face of Real Estate | Week 2: Generational Housing

Portrait Of Extended Family Group In Park

The housing needs of the multiple generations living today is changing the face of real estate and new construction. The way we used to live 20…30…40 years ago is not the way we live today … or will in the future. Each generation is demanding a different type of home and a new way of […]

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