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Ask Denise: Nice and Niche

Q: “Denise, as you know, I am a newer agent and have been working hard developing all my systems over the past year with you and your team with Mastery. I am in a transition time in my life and although I am doing all the mailings and implementing the systems we have been talking about, I feel that there is a drive and passion that is missing – like I can functionally do this job really well, but I want more. What do you suggest?”

That is a great question and I applaud all your hard work getting your systems in order. I also applaud all the communicating you are doing with your clients in terms of your mailings and potential client follow up. You are checking all the boxes and am thrilled that you are ready to add something else now that you have the basics mastered.

In my Real Estate Success Summit #RESS2019 this last week, one of my Rockstar Broker Panels was on niche markets – agents taking something they are passionate about and turning it into business opportunities. That may be something worth exploring. A niche market can be:

  • A type of property – equestrian, historic homes, mid-century modern, single-level, condos, etc
  • An area – neighborhood, geographical farm, waterfront, etc
  • A type of person – seniors, luxury, investors, estate attorneys, divorce attorneys, builders, etc

Give that some thought and when you decide who or what you want to target, we can have a planning discussion to work out the details.

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