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Ask Denise: Cross-Industry Databases

Q: “Denise, I am a fairly new agent but have spent years in the industry as a mortgage broker. I really know about every local real estate professional from agents to other lenders to people in title, appraisers, inspectors, and more. For me, making connections has always been easy and I am still a member of most of the organizations I was in as a lender. This database of professionals really is the sphere database I am starting with. Do you think that is okay?”

A: Absolutely! In fact, we work with a number of folks who began in a different segment of the real estate industry who have hung their agent shingle. Continue with the great relationships you have already built, but now add the real estate expertise component. Provide these connections with the “insiders edge” – information on market trends, noteworthy sales, changes to zoning and planning department updates, etc. They will expect a level of knowledge they won’t get from just anybody.

It sounds as if your past career will set you up very nicely for referrals. In fact, I have an analogy for this. When agents market directly to buyers and sellers, I liken this to being a “retail” agent. However, when the marketing is targeted to other professionals, this is more of a wholesale relationship. When you receive a referral from another professional, there is a level of expected expertise that goes along with that which can make the “buy-in” process easier.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor but really make it a priority to send really meaty information on a consistent basis. Good work!


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