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Ask Denise: What is Your Word?

Q: “Denise, as one of your coaching clients, I choose a word of the year. But this year the word I chose just isn’t resonating with me. It isn’t inspiring me the way previous words have. Any suggestions for helping me find my word?”

A: Absolutely! The first step is to get in a quiet space and have a conversation with yourself. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my go-to space is my master bedroom closet. For you it might be your car, a special place outside, the shower, anywhere that you can go and be alone with your thoughts. Tune everything out!

Then ask yourself this question, “What is holding me back?” You might be surprised by the answer. You might have an emotional response to the answer and that is okay!

Below are three very common answers that my clients have when they ask themselves that question and a few different ways the answer can be transformed into an inspirational word:

“Lack of consistency”

If lack of consistency is a challenge for you, it may be an issue with personal self-discipline around your tasks and time (such as you might need the Hour of Power), or it could be a matter of needing to hire an assistant to take on specific tasks. Outsourcing is a key way to build in consistency for certain things. Some words or themes that come to mind include delegate, compartmentalize, 60 minutes, systems, work the system, or just do it!

“Lack of confidence”

Usually lack of confidence derives from a situation that an agent felt powerless to control, lack of knowledge about a topic, or lack of systems and the agent feels that he or she is winging it. Therefore, it is important to determine what is driving the lack of confidence and have the fix be your word. For example, if the lack of confidence has to do with competing with others at a listing presentation, it is probably due to the lack of cohesive listing presentation materials and needing some language around pricing, commission, and closing. Some words or themes that come to mind include: own the presentation, practice makes perfect, step it up, polish, or get the system together.

“My mindset”

This is a biggie! Often agents have had to deal with some negativity in their lives (personal or professionally), have had to deal with a divorce, death of someone close, or just something that knocked them down hard. It can be tough to get your mojo back and sometimes adjusting one’s mindset is just what the situation calls for. Here are some words or themes that come to mind: gratitude (showing gratitude for others and what you have has been a powerful way many of my clients have adjusted their mindset), self-care, abundance, mindful, celebrate, and trust.

How about you? I would love to hear what your word is for 2020 and why.

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