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Branding Spotlight: Buyer Tour Packet

Efficiency is the name of the game when showing your buyers possible homes. When the market is moving quickly, so must your buyers. You need to help them take in all the features of the house to make an informed decision in time to write an offer. In a nut-shell, you need to systemize your Buyer Tour.

In this packet are 3 important tools designed to help your clients think logically about their next property purchase. You can prepare this by filling in the itinerary with the houses you intend to view. Provide all the basic info in an easy-to-compare chart. The next page is set up to take notes when you view a property. Buyer’s can record their impressions of the properties and note any favorite features. Finally, the score-card is where your buyers can grade each feature and tally up the pros and cons of each potential home.

A beautiful cover adds extra “wow” but is optional if you want to save paper and printer ink. You can staple the pages together or tuck them in a branded Presentation Folder. Keep some pens and a clipboard on hand, along with any tour provisions (pre-packaged snacks, water bottles, etc). Now you’re ready to wow your clients and help them with this important decision.

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