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Come on Safari this Fall!

Safari Real Estate Coaching with Denise Lones 2016 Bothell and Issaquah

Thank you to everyone who attended our last seven sold out Safari real estate events! Wow. Now Safari returns this fall and we are super excited to be back with two events: September 28-29 in Bothell, WA and October 26-27 in Issaquah, WA! for the first time in five years this September 28th and 29th!

Safari Registration and Information

Safari is our flagship two-day real estate coaching event. We’ve hosted 40 Safari events in the last 16 years! Every time we see agents transformed, energized with new ideas, and more confident going out than when they came in. We’ve helped thousands of agents in that time.

Be a part of the experience and prepare your business for the challenges of our market. We have strategies for EVERY level of experience and business style – and we’ll help you identify and develop a plan that partners with your strengths so you too can be more successful.

Attend for free or earn 15 clock hour credits at the same time.

Little Touches. Big Impact.


The littlest touches can have the biggest impact for your clients. The key is to decide what that one special touch will become your signature touch. It should be something that is unique to you and something that your competition probably isn’t doing.

For example, think about your favorite restaurant. Is there something that they do that you go back time and time again to enjoy?  One of my favorite restaurants serves piping hot bread with four different flavored butters and salmon spread just as soon as you sit down.  People come from all over just to enjoy that pre-dinner treat. First-timers are surprised, and then enjoy that treat. It is a simple thing that leaves a lasting impression. Read more »

Design Spotlight: Joanna & Kyle Parks


This week’s design spotlight features the brand of our MASTERY agents Joanna and Kyle Parks, from Gig Harbor, Washington. This dynamic husband-wife duo began the branding process with the dream of owning their own brokerage. They are passionate about hiking and camping,  and wanted a brand that showcased a natural panorama. Joanna and Kyle wanted a brand that was natural and a little dramatic.The logo for their business,  Destination Homes, incorporates a compass rose in the structure of the “D”. Blue ribbons are give the theme a luxurious accent and convey wind-like motion. Read more »

Ask Denise: Experience vs Youth


Q: Denise, it is time for me to take a new photo. The one I am currently using is 15 years old. My hair just isn’t that big anymore and I have way more wrinkles. I am struggling because I am in an office with a lot of 30-somethings who dress hipper, understand technology so much better than I can ever hope to, and are dominating with their Millennial clients. I worry that when I replace my photo (which I look a lot younger in), I will completely throw away any potential I have with working with younger clients. I have almost 30 years of experience but I feel like I am in the slow lane and this photo has me feeling my age. Help!

Read more »

Design Spotlight: Dale Schlotzhauer


This week’s design spotlight features the brand of our MASTERY agent Dale Schlotzhauer, of Seattle, Washington. Before entering real estate, she worked for Boeing as a project manager for 26 years. She holds a helicopter pilot’s license. She has a wide demographic between Seattle and Everett. She enjoys working with buyers that are relocating to the area. While in Mastery, Dale came up with the business name “Blue Gates Homes” and the brand took a whole new turn. Read more »

Elephants, Donkeys, and the Real Estate Market


A primer in election behavior with home buyers and sellers

A presidential election is always a major event in our country. There is no doubt that consumers are waiting and wondering how the election will affect home prices and the real estate market overall.  It is not unusual for consumer confidence to waver in an election year and this year is no different.

Some buyers and sellers are waiting to take action because they are concerned that our real estate market is fragile and that it could boom or bust based solely on who wins the election.  Fear is a big driver in this election with strong messages from both sides which is causing some voters to stop spending. Therefore, many areas are seeing a slight slowdown in their local real estate market.

Waiting is by far the biggest by-product of any election. Read more »

Ask Denise: New Outside Portrait


Q: Denise, I am getting a new photo done, but I really want to get photographed outside and my co-workers think I should get a traditional headshot inside. What do you think?

A: Go for it! Absolutely if you are outside and in your element, then follow you instincts and get your photo done outside.

The Power of Numbers


Lately I have been working with a lot of numbers and I have been reminded of their power.

While numbers themselves are non-emotional, often they bring up a lot of emotion and therefore, are sometimes avoided. Anyone who has ever not opened their credit card statement or avoided revisiting their commission statements knows exactly what I am talking about.

But numbers can also bring great joy! I was reminded of this just this week when not one but two of my clients shared with me that they had reached their commission and transaction goals for the year. These were two agents who had a specific goal in mind for quite some time and had been striving tirelessly to get there. Because they had those particular numbers in their head, they could visualize getting there, making it easier to make one more phone call, tour one more home, write one more offer. When you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel doesn’t seem as long. Read more »

Design Spotlight: Traci Cypher


Traci is from Skagit County, Washington, and works in the Anacortes and Mount Vernon areas. Her client base includes many military officers transferring to the area. She enjoys working with first time home buyers and explaining the process to them. She wanted a low-pressure and relaxed brand that made her look competent. Traci’s father printed blueprints and she wanted to include this personal and industry-relevant image. Read more »

Ask Denise: Working at Home


Q: “Denise, the summers are always chaotic for me because I work at home and the kids are at home. I have a home office, but my space isn’t always respected. But I only had to deal with it during the summer. However, this summer, my mother moved in with us and she does not respect my space. I have talked to her about the importance of letting me work while I am in my office, but she still pops her head in multiple times per day to ask if I want more coffee or to share the latest gossip. If I had a place at my brokerage to set up shop I would, but it isn’t set up like that. What do I do?” Read more »

Design Spotlight: Jamie Rust

Featured Design - Jamie Rust-01

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of our INSTANT IDENTITY agent Jamie Rust, of Seattle, Washington. Jamie is a neighborhood specialist with knowledge of the Magnolia and South Lake Union areas, where she is well known in the condo community. Prior to becoming an agent, she was an accountant. She drew her professionalism, accountability, and reliability from her corporate experiences and wanted a brand that tied these attributes with her Pacific North West down to earth personality. She selected the Floral Photos instant identity and customized the images and color palette to fit her business.

Read more »

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