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Ask Denise: On “Farming”

Q: “Denise, no one seems to do “farming” anymore.  Is it still a good idea?”

A: Yes, yes, and maybe!  Done properly, geographical farming can be very successful. However, farming done the way most agents do it is a complete waste of money.

A successful farming campaign requires solid research on your part to ensure that farm has the ability to produce results. You must also plan the farming campaign before you send even one piece of mail. You need to know in advance what you’re going to do every month of the year, and exactly what your overall “message” will be.

Farming is a lead-generation process that yields its best results over time. Although you may have immediate results, don’t expect that to be the case.

Finally, farming works best for certain personality styles – Analyticals and Controllers – because the work involved is a good fit for the nature of the agent. Not sure which personality style you have? Send an email to [email protected], and she’ll arrange for you to take our no-cost, no-obligation personality assessment … and she’ll send you suggestions for lead generation that will best suit your natural style. Where you go with it from there is up to you!

If you’re interested in learning more about geographical farming, I’ve got a great audio CD program. For just $79, you’ll learn everything you need to farm successfully. Just click on this link to check it out!

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