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Sarah Mosley’s Story

The Evolution of My Geographical Farm
by Sarah Mosley

  • I started a Geographical Farm in 2007 for a neighborhood with 900+ homes. At first I was just sending out Just Listed and Just Sold postcards from my listings (most of which were not in that neighborhood). I was also door-knocking and delivering Market Updates with current, pending and sold listings. I found it hard to be consistent with the mailings.   
  • In 2009 I attended a class held by Denise and purchased her Geographic Farming Training CD. After listening to this CD, in 2010 I changed what I was mailing to my farm—instead of Just Listed / Just Sold cards for my own listings, I started sending out postcards called Gatewood Market Watch with homes that had sold in that neighbor-hood. I found this much easier to create and I got a very positive response to this change! I was printing the cards myself to save money, and I was still finding it hard to be consistent.
  • In July 2011 I joined Denise’s EVOLVE coaching program and had the Lones Group develop a custom brand for my business. In October 2011 I sent out my first professionally printed, custom branded postcards!
  • Since joining EVOLVE and branding my business I have developed a consistent plan to mail my postcards out EVERY MONTH! See the next page for pictures of the postcards I sent out over the last year.

Sarah Mosley's GraphSarah Mosley's year of postcards

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3 Responses to “Sarah Mosley’s Story”

  1. Branded Postcards – How did Sarah get the photos for the cards? In my MLS we cannot use other agents’ photos.

    Marianne Hofmann

  2. In my MLS, I believe we are allowed to use only the first listing photo without permission. All other photos in the listing may be used only with permission.

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