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Nina Bjornstal’s Story

Hi Denise,

Number 1 on my list is: Camp Conflict! My participation in the bonus evening at Safari in 2011 was the reason I took a leap of faith to join Evolve. The skills taught by you all have saved me from countless meltdowns and emotional out bursts. When I use the “wheel”: The facts, questions, my truth and solutions, each incident is less confrontational and more win-win for all. Even in the face of the worst situations, both privately and in business, I can find the real issue or problem; and create a solution.    

Number 2: learning the numbers and the market, the real value of what I bring to buyers and sellers. Even though I have a lot of work to do in this area!

Number 2A: Hour of Power. When I am not consistent, nothing gets done! Personally or business. I can spend most of my day, showing, pushing paper, dealing with customers, putting out fires; and nothing will get done to move my business forward. When I set a focused time, list of things to accomplish, and not be forced by my own need for perfection, I can get many things completed. Hour of Power allows for consistency and time to examine my life and business.

Number 3: BRANDING! I love my brand. How it makes me feel. What it does for my image. How I stand apart from the crowd.

There is so much and truly grateful to be a part of Evolve and next year Encore. Yay for me!

Thank you,

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