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Ask Denise: Revitalizing My Pipeline

Q: “Denise, my pipeline is looking a little thin these days. What are some things I can do to make sure I have a great fall and end to my year?”

Great question! I am assuming you are already doing some sort of monthly mailed communication to your database and doing something a little extra for past clients, so I am basing my response strictly on adding some gravy to what you are already doing:

  1. Take a vacation – Yes, this sounds crazy, but how often do you hear about people coming out of the woodwork when agents are about to leave on vacation? Going on vacation makes time short as you are leading up to it, making you more efficient. Furthermore, taking the time off makes you fresh when you come back and allows you to work at 100% capacity!
  2. Make extra-special connections with your database – Are there people in your database and past client list who could use a little extra connection? Depending on how the market is doing in your area, there may be a lot of questions and concerns. A simple call with the message of, a lot of my clients have questions on how the real estate market is affecting their investment and home value. If you would like to talk and get your questions answered, let’s make an appointment! can go a long way to building that long-term relationship, and keep your name top-of-mind when an opportunity for a referral arises.
  3. Go into your office – Even if you work at home, there is nothing like being in your office if it is a hub of activity. Perhaps some agents are going on vacation and could use some help in their businesses. Perhaps there are relationships with other industry professionals that could use some cultivating. Real estate is a people business and it cannot happen in a vacuum.
  4. Connect with your community – The summer is an amazing time to be out and about in your community and there is almost always an opportunity to volunteer with others. This can be another great way to build relationships and make connections.

Notice how, except for taking a vacation, these all have to do with connecting with people? Summer lends itself to connecting, so get out there, enjoy yourself, focus on those connections, and I would bet that come fall, you will be in a great spot!

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