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Design Spotlight: Cheryl Darlington

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of MASTERY agent Cheryl Darlington of Edmonds, Washington. Cheryl’s design style is bold and elegant, and her brand perfectly represents this dynamic combination. Cheryl focuses on meditation and relaxation, so bringing these values into her business and her professional brand was key. We used gentle teal gradients and a water texture to provide tranquility to the design and appeal to her local waterfront clientele. The bright sun bursts in the background adds warmth and energy. Cheryl’s tagline is “Always looking out for you,” which is symbolized by a graceful giraffe standing above its watery reflection. The dark sidebar allows important contact information to be easily located, and increases the bold statement of the brand. The handwritten style script font, Sheila, creates a feeling of casual elegance, as does the classic italic font used for her sub headlines and tagline. Cheryl’s design colorful and unique, and is sure to capture the attention of buyers, sellers, and investors in her area.

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