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Ask Denise: A Delicate Discussion

Q: “Denise, I have a delicate problem I need your help with. My brokerage has an office that is attached to mortgage lender’s office. Unfortunately, that lender and their company are getting a bad reputation for not getting transactions closed. What is worse is the communication between the lender  and bank and then with the client is just not where it should be. This is a delicate topic because our company is getting a reputation by being affiliated with this lender. I want to talk with my managing broker about this but am really not sure how this is going to go over. Help!”

A: Having a very calm conversation with your managing broker about what you are seeing is the perfect next step. He or she may not be aware of what is happening, especially if your managing broker isn’t selling. Therefore, I recommend coming at this with facts, examples, and from a point of concern rather than a point of criticism.

You can use phrases such as:

  • I am not sure if you are aware of this, but the real estate community is having challenges with the lender affiliated with our office.
  • The concerns are that transactions are not closing in a timely manner. Let me share some examples with you…
  • I am also concerned about the lack of communication from their office regarding transaction status. This has caused problems such as…
  • I have not been recommending this lender to my buyers because of these challenges and other agents are doing the same. Unfortunately, I know this practice isn’t the best for either of us because my not recommending the lender usually raises a question. How would you suggest I proceed?

Go into the meeting with the assumption that the managing broker doesn’t have a clue about the problems and have this meeting be an informational one. Then listen carefully to how he or she will be addressing the problem. Just be factual, helpful, and non-emotional.

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