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Ask Denise: Pipeline Management

Q: “Denise, thank you for our conversation this week about my pipeline. As we discussed, I keep this on a dry erase board in my office. But I got to thinking about what you said about having a copy with me so I can make quick calls on the go. Should I make a copy in say, Google Docs?”

A: There are a few different options and yes, making a second copy in Google Docs is one. But there is another easier option that I want you to try – just take a photo from your phone! Make it a habit to snap a photo as you are walking out your door. That way you have the most recent copy, you can delete old copies as you go so your most recent is the only one you have on your phone, and if you want to make notes, you can either do that on a piece of paper or yes, open up a new Google Doc.  When you are back at your office, move your notes to wherever you keep them.

Remember, there is no one tried-and-true system. You need to develop a system that work for you, your personality, and how visual you are. But you also need the personal self-discipline to get the system to stick.

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