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Why Do Some Homes Sell Faster Than Others? (What Your Sellers Need to Know!)

We have all experienced selling a home that just seems so popular that almost everyone who sees it wants to buy it.  It may not be the biggest home or the nicest home on the block but it has an appeal that can’t quite be explained.  I have seen many of these types of homes over the years and while it may be hard to put your finger on exactly what it is about it that is so appealing, here are some features that I am sure these homes have:

The right curb appeal – There is something very special about the first impression you get when you drive up to a home.  Curb appeal is one of the most important things to consider when selling a home.  So many sellers focus on the inside of the home and leave the outside as-is.  A simple affordable curb appeal makeover could make the difference between selling a home for a good price and selling a home for top dollar.  Curb appeal is one of the most important things to consider improving when a home is going to be sold.

The right front door – Front doors say so much about a home. Addressing it can be a simple and affordable way to brighten up an entrance or to draw attention away from something you don’t want the buyers focusing on. A brightly colored front door will give a home some interest and character while a sleek and modern glass panel door will set the tone for walking into a minimalistic home.

The right floor plan – Floor plans are tricky things because what looks great on paper may not necessarily translate into a good floor plan.  Today’s buyer wants a home that has flow and functionality. You can know a great floor plan the moment you walk in the front door and as you tour the home the floor plan either gets better or worse.  A good floor plan can make all the difference between a home selling fast and for top dollar and a home sitting on the market for weeks or months on end. Remember, not all floor plans are right for all people, so if a floorplan challenge is causing the buyer pool to shrink, that needs to be accounted for in the price.

The right paint – Paint is one of the most powerful tools a seller can use to transform their home before they put it on the market.  Paint creates mood and atmosphere. It can make a space look larger or smaller.  The right sheen for the right room also makes a big difference. The right paint in a home can highlight the homes best features and can hide its imperfections while the wrong paint can make them stand out even more.

The right décor or staging – When a home is being sold the seller has to be open to suggestions to help the home’s interior be presented in the best possible light.  The right décor or staging can make all the difference in helping a potential buyer see themselves in the home.

The right lighting – Lighting can instantly change the way a room looks.  Lighting fixtures can also change the overall impression of the home.  Imagine you walk into a home with a great floor plan that has been recently painted but the light fixtures look 40 years old; this will instantly age the home.  Replacing and updating light fixtures can add instant drama and pop to a home.  Lighting should not to be overlooked as it is an affordable and effective way to update and change a space.

The right storage – I have always told builders that a very important feature that buyers crave is storage.  Creative storage space can make all the difference to a potential buyer.  A builder I worked with years ago had a floor plan that was not selling. After an analysis, I told him that the home did not have an office or any work space and I encourage him to put a work space storage center in the home.  The first day the home was shown after it was put in the home sold.

The right garage –  A garage with organized storage space is a highly desired feature in a home.  When I was working in new construction I always had three buyer upgrade packages available that they could choose from.  One was the organized home package which included interior storage, the second package was the smart home package and the third package was the organized garage package.  I still remember being pleasantly surprised to learn that the organized garage package had outsold the other packages by a long shot.  I had no idea the organized garage was such a desired feature!  The package included adding a work bench area, cabinets for storage, a wall rack for bikes and tools and an epoxy floor.  It wasn’t that expensive to do but it increased sales in our community and gave buyers what they wanted.

When working with your sellers to get their homes ready to sell it is important that you help them analyze what they could do to bring top dollar.  Paying attention to the details above could make the difference between a seller getting the return on investment they are looking for and a home languishing on the market.


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  1. Hello I am a licensed real estate broker, mental health counselor and Author and I have a FB page and website, and I would love to publish your article. Is this permissible with you providing I make certain you are given credit for this article.

    Thank you very much.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Bridget – Yes. Thank you for asking! Here’s how.

      By Denise Lones, The Lones Group

      I checked out your website. I see you have written at least a couple books and frequently work with military veterans on mental health issues. That’s wonderful, thank you for choosing a profession that helps people. – Denise

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