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Listing Presentation MUST HAVE’S

Gone are the days when you can just saunter into a listing presentation and hope your big smile and sunny personality will win over the potential sellers. The challenge today is that there are too many agents competing for the same listings because there are too few listings and too many agents. With listings being the hottest commodity out there you can bet you are not the only agent that is competing for the seller’s business. Sellers need to be wowed and you need to show your worth and why they would be making a big mistake if they didn’t choose you. Here are some of the most important things you MUST bring to your next listing presentation.

Show and Tell
Stop telling sellers what you will do for them and start showing them. This means you need to show up with full color materials that showcase your marketing, your photography and the special services you provide.

Data, Data, Data
Sellers need facts and figures to make decisions before they list their home and you need to provide them with more than just the traditional CMA. Show them how your market stats compare to other agents or to your local MLS. Show them various pricing models and show them historical stats. Sellers love stats and you need to incorporate them into your presentation.

Online Marketing
Stop talking about all the online syndication you will do and instead show them stats that prove that you have an online program that works to bring buyers forward. Take them to some online sites and show them how you marketed other listings.

Stop Saying Yes
Don’t agree with everything the potential seller says to you. If they tell you they want to price their home at a price you know is above the market you need to articulate why that is not in their best interest to do so. Don’t just say yes and agree to everything the seller says, learn to respectfully explain what options you feel are a good solution for them.

Get Visual
Your presentation needs to be multi layered, you should show your potential seller how you sell homes and why you are able to get your sellers more money. Track your list to sale price ratio and show that to the potential seller. Also keep a book with photos in it that show past listings , their challenges and what you did to overcome those challenges and win for your past clients. Sellers need to know you have solutions to difficult sales.

Show Proof
Give your potential sellers proof of your success by having a list of all your sales and the stats to go with those sales. Let the seller see that you are detail oriented and you care about results.

Personality Proof Your Presentation
Not every potential seller is the same and that means you need to tailor every presentation to match your clients. Don’t be afraid to present more show and tell items with your visual personality types (Promoters and Supporters) while giving detailed reports to the data driven types (Controllers and Analyticals). The key is to tailor your presentation to match the client.

Today’s real estate agent must work harder than before to STAND OUT because there is just more competition out there. If you need help creating materials to help you do that, do not hesitate to contact our office and ask for a phone appointment with me to discuss how you can compete in this competition listing market.

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