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Finding Success Your Way! (Part 2)

Last week I discussed the top 5 of 10 common denominators that successful real estate agents possess. This week I am unveiling my remaining list of essential elements that a successful real estate agent needs to be utilizing in their business.

Don’t forget the key is to find your fit and create YOUR FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. What might work for another agent in your office could be the very worst thing for you to be doing. Trust your gut but mostly analyze your results. If what you do is not getting you to where you want to be then you must make the changes necessary to up your game. Here is my top remaining list of what seems to make the biggest difference in an agent’s business.

Visual Presentations
It is estimated that somewhere between 65 and 80 percent of the population are visual learners. This is an astounding number, but it helps to give a real estate agent a competitive edge if they use visual tools in their presentations with potential buyers and sellers. Show and tell at your buyer and seller presentations. Don’t just tell a client what you will do for them but show them as well. Show them quality print materials and samples of your marketing. If you advertise a seller’s home in a magazine don’t just show them a picture of the magazine on a website but hand them the actual magazine.

Tech Savvy or Tech Aware
Successful agents are aware of changes in technology so they stay ahead of their competition. This doesn’t mean they utilize every new tech tool, but it does mean they know what is available and they can discuss these things when asked by their clients. They know the pros and cons of these new tech tools or sites and they understand how to present the pros and cons of these to their clients.

Quality Time Off
Successful agents know that there is always another transaction just around the corner. They have faith in their business and the know that they need quality time off to rest their high revving engines. They also know that when they come back after a period of rest and time off that they are renewed and better than ever. They understand that time off is what they need to recharge their batteries.

Task Oriented
Successful agents have stopped fighting the ever moving current of the real estate business. They have learned to trust completing tasks to keep them on track. Task oriented agents simply get more done. They know what they have to do, and they get it done no matter what is on their plate at the time. Task oriented agents have a plan and they follow it. They simply do what their plan says needs to get done. They focus on task management not time management.

Willing To Work Hard
By far the most common thing I see when working with successful agents is a strong work ethic, these agents know how to work hard. They do what it takes, and they don’t complain, they feel that hard work is part of providing exceptional client care.

No matter whether you are brand new agent, a seasoned agent or a super producer, everyone can learn from these top 10 successful agent common denominators. Start with the one that most resonates with what you feel is the most important place for you to start. Tackle this list one at a time and before you know it you will be working at a completely different level.

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