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Ask Denise: Better than Generic Mailers

Q: “Denise I know you are not a fan of generic mailers, but if I didn’t send out something generic, I would never send something out. I just never seem to have the time! So I’ll bite – what do you suggest?”

A: You don’t need to spend a lot of time to create meaningful mail. Even if you sent a postcard, comparing what sold for the median price in different areas or just included stats regarding the change in median sales prices and inventory between this year and last year, that would be a big improvement over non-real estate content.

Remember, just because I am saying that it needs to have your voice doesn’t mean you have to be the one who does the work. You just need to direct the work. If you have an assistant or someone who provides those type of services for your company. That way, you just indicate what you need, let them do the work, and you provide your feedback and critique to get it just right. It may take a little more time the first or second time, but in short order, you may find that you are spending as little as 15 minutes on this per month while everyone else carries out your direction.

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