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Goal Check!

It is hockey playoffs! Hey, I am from Canada. What do you expect? This is a great time to talk about goals and checking!

Really though, I am talking about the goals that you started 2018 with and checking-in with how you are doing. We are, after all, moving our way through the second quarter – or is this the second period of our annual game plan?

If you are like many agents, caught up in the harried pace of the hot market and all the challenges that our buyers and sellers are facing, you may not even know where that goal worksheet is at this point.

Take a second and dig it up. I will wait…

What are some of the things you had on your plan? Be in contact with your past clients? Keep in better-contact with your pipeline? Take some time off?

Now, look at your reality. How many hours are you working? Are you feeling out of balance? Have you cut your vacation short this year or skipped it entirely because you can’t keep up with business? Are you checking emails until the wee hours of night and spending your weekends driving buyers around in the hope that you’ll find a greater selection of inventory? Are you doing open houses with sellers who are unrealistic?

Let’s do a real assessment. Have you made any progress on your goals for the year? This isn’t to make you feel bad – I know how hard you are working. However, if we never take the time to ask that question, then you can’t make small goals for moving forward.

In a few short days, it will be evident who is moving on in the NHL playoffs, leaving the teams that didn’t do so well regrouping and determining what needs to be different next year. It will take months and months of incremental changes to change a team that didn’t do so well this year into a winning team next year. This is exactly how you need to approach change too! Take incremental steps, implement systems, make adjustments, and reassess. Those incremental steps need to be as simple as determining which things you are doing this week that will be a part of your long-term system. How about next week? What is your checkpoint 30 days from now?

Remember, you have to spend some time in the locker room planning and organizing. If you just get out on the ice without a plan, all the players are going to be going after the puck and no one will be defending the goal or playing defense. You too have different facets of your business: lead generation, taking care of your past clients, and doing a great job with your current clients. These need to work together too, like a well-oiled machine. Each needs a strong system, and those systems need to work together!

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