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Ask Denise: I’ve Started…Now What?

Q: “Denise, I am a new agent. In fact, I just got my license last week! What do you suggest I do to get up and running quickly?”

A: Congratulations and welcome to the business. I love that you are asking for advice right away instead of assuming you can do it all on your own. That in itself will help you quite a bit.

There are three very important things I suggest you do right away to establish yourself:

  1. Learn your market – View all inventory in person. Get to learn the different price points in your market by features and neighborhood. Choose a few neighborhoods and create a binder (yes, a binder. This means printing and paper. Make notes) of all the solds over the last three years. Track appreciation, days on market, and pricing trends for these areas as well as  your area in general. Knowing your market will help you build confidence quickly.
  2. Learn the tools – Take classes at your MLS and learn how to use the system. So many agents don’t take the time to do this and as a result, they have a tool at their fingertips that they are paying for but don’t know how to use to its fullest extent. Learn about the different tools and systems your brokerage provides. Understand the services that comes with your brokerage affiliation.
  3. Develop a brand and tools – You might be surprised to hear me recommend this right off the bat, especially because so many brokerages offer some sort of brand with their affiliation, but developing a unique brand says to the public that you are open for business. When you have systems for working with buyers and sellers, for lead generation, and your online presence, this says you are established and have expertise. I work with brokers every day who recently made a transition from one career into real estate and they tell me time and time again that this was a critical component of their early success as a confidence booster – both for themselves and the potential clients who were hiring them.

In fact, now is a GREAT time to develop the systems your business needs along with a brand that is unique to you and your business during our SUMMER BRANDING AND SYSTEMS SPECIAL!

Read more here and reach out to schedule a free consultation to find the right fit for your business.

Whether you are brand new to the business or are a seasoned expert, we have brands and financing that fit every business. It may be less expensive than you think!

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One Response to “Ask Denise: I’ve Started…Now What?”

  1. Ryan Huggins says:

    Great list of things for new agents to do. I’d also like to add a couple more:

    4) Network with other agents and service providers. My real estate association has several networking mixers a year and I’ve always found them to be a great way to meet other agents as well as photographers, lenders, inspectors, etc.

    5) Get a quality mentor. There is a lot to this business that is not taught in school, such as filling out the forms, marketing and creating a business plan… or even how to treat real estate as a business!

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