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The Power of Being Still

There is no doubt we are in unprecedented times. For most of us, this creates a heightened degree of stress and uncertainty.  Over a third of the country has been asked to stay home and our once booming economy has come screeching to a halt.  When can any of us remember being told by the government not to go to work?  While this seems somewhat terrifying, we all know that it is for the greater good of all of us.  So here we have it, we are being told to stay home and be still. 

For many real estate agents, asking them to be still is like asking a shark to stop swimming, it’s just not possible.  For many of us, we thrive on busyness and routine, the thought of being still is terrifying.  But there is power in being still, power in slowing down, power in reconnecting with ourselves, and power in not doing anything.  Use this precious time we have been given to reflect and make new priorities, new tasks, new connections, and new to-do lists.  If being busy is what you thrive on, then find tasks to do at home.  If connecting is what you thrive on, then connect in a new way; perhaps by sending text messages, calling loved ones, or even by the traditional, good old-fashioned writing of letters, notes or cards.  And if you just want to feel good, then do something good for others.  Whether that is simply making a donation to your local hospital or paying for a first-responders coffee at your local coffee shop drive through, doing good always feels good.

Extra worry and panic have never served anyone well, and this is a time to dig deep and use your time wisely.  With all of the frightening news that we are bombarded with every day, it is no wonder we are all chomping at the bit to get back to our regular schedules.  Please trust that this will pass, and that we will all be back to our regular schedules soon.  Whether we want to believe it or not, this virus will affect each of us in a profound way.  For some, it will remind us how important it is to slow down once in a while. Yet for others, it hits home the point about needing an emergency fund in the bank.  No matter what lesson we each learn, we will all be better because of it. There is power in being still, you just have to allow it to happen.



By Denise Lones CSP, M.I.R.M., CDEI – The founding partner of The Lones Group, Denise Lones, brings nearly three decades of experience in the real estate industry. With agent/broker coaching, expertise in branding, lead generation, strategic marketing, business analysis, new home project planning, product development, Denise is nationally recognized as the source for all things real estate. With a passion for improvement, Denise has helped thousands of real estate agents, brokers, and managers build their business to unprecedented levels of success, while helping them maintain balance and quality of life.


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10 Responses to “The Power of Being Still”

  1. Mary Anderson says:


    Finally a real estate post which encourages Brokers to take this precious time we’ve been given to slow down, reconnect with ourselves and to experience the power of stillness.

    Much of what has come across my screen lately has been “Go! Go! Go! Don’t get distracted! Stay on Task! Keep yourself sharp” The panic is so thick you can feel it. It’s exhausting just reading the words.

    Breathe. Catch up with yourself. Take a few minutes to sit outside and listen to the quiet. Notice the birds signing. Take comfort in just being.

    Learning to pause and connect with nature can be one of the best skills you can learn during this time.

    Stay Well.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Mary, thank you for the refreshing comment. It is easy to get wrapped up in all there is to be anxious about, and neglect healing the mental toll that causes. Thank you.

  2. Karen Zehm says:


    Wow. Reading this was so timely as today was a really hard day. It is hard not to panic and feel despair when everything around you feels like it is spinning out of control. I worry most about my kids and how this is affecting them and their mental health. I just printed this out to look at every day when I start to feel overwhelmed.

    Hope all is well.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Karen, it is wonderful to hear from you and yes, these have been some very difficult days. Find a way where you can have a moment or two of peace and recenter yourself. This isn’t how things are going to be forever and you are strong and will make it through this too. Don’t forget about your business, be ready to leap because once this is past the housing market is going to be on the move.

  3. Tara says:

    Right on Denise!
    This is something I needed especially yesterday! My energy had just tanked! Reaching out to friends & sharing your feelings is so important & strengthening in helping us all get thru any hard times. it’s ok to have those low points too before bouncing back up again!

  4. Amy allen says:

    Thank you! Through the years you have been the voice of reason that always resonates in my mind! We all need to give ourselves some grace & space right now. I’m doing my best to stay in the moment, knowing that it will get better & being grateful for the business, that’s coming soon! 🙂

  5. Thank you Denise, for reminding us that there is power in being still! Re-connect with ourselves, and nature. What a wonderful message!
    Stay well.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Annita – You are welcome. We can only fill our minds with so much negativity and sometimes we just need to take a break from the news and do something positive for ourselves. I hope you’ve found something positive and enjoyable that you can do with this extra time because once this is over the market is going to be busy.

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