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Branding Spotlight: Envelopes

They say letter-writing is a dying art.  However, nothing could be further from the truth! Old school as it sounds, writing letters, even boring business letters, is not only exponentially more fun when you use your branded stationary, it is a phenomenal way to get the attention of potential clients in your market. Other agents may be sending generic postcards, but an informative and personal letter gets the attention of every personality type. A great way stand out from the junk mail and bills in the mail box is with a well-designed, full-color envelope. It conveys your commitment, your professionalism, and your style with a single glance.

Pictured here are three of our clients who have taken the time to get a batch of envelopes printed for their letter campaigns. In fact, Rae Anne Catron pictured in the center) reported that her branded envelopes earned her a client simply because her letter looked interesting enough for the client to open it!

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