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Branding Spotlight: Notecards

Make every note extra special without a lot of extra work simply by getting a batch of branded notecards printed. Modern digital printing gives us so many options for a creative and professional look, with different papers, gloss/satin/velvet finishes, and even foil embossing. Whether it’s an all-purpose notecard with your name or logo on the front, or customized for thank-yous, anniversaries, or invitations, it’s a simple and easy way to show that you are willing to go the extra mile for your clients. Then think about the envelope. You can print envelopes, match your brand colors to the paper, and/or decorate it with stickers. It stands out in the mail, in a gift-basket, or even in your hand as you personally deliver the message.

To test this, just hold your broker’s generic card in one hand (assuming your broker provides such a thing), and a custom note in the other hand. Which is more fun to open and read? Which feels more authentic? We’ve gotten a lot of cards from a lot of people and businesses, and the custom card is always more exciting to receive.

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