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Branding Spotlight: Jamie Rust

We are in the summer-spirit this week, so our design spotlight is a throwback featured brand of agent Jamie Rust, from Seattle, Washington. Jamie’s unique five-photo header showcases her local expertise and her pet-friendly business style. The midnight blue background is perfect for any season, and is reminiscent of summer evenings right before 4th-of-July fireworks. Her branding is beautiful in print marketing as well as social media graphics, creating a consistently approachable message for all her clients.

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Ask Denise: Planting Good Service

Q: “Denise, it is almost summer and I have a seller who is listing next week. The listing will actually be vacant as they are going on vacation for three weeks. They have done a lot of landscaping and have flowers in pots outside. Usually I would go ahead and water the plants, but I am getting a little worried about liability based on some instances that have happened with little issues in my office with other agents. Should I not water the plants? It seems extreme to let the plants die in the name of avoiding liability!” Read more »

How to Be Still in a Real Estate Storm

Real estate brokers are always busy and on the go. They often move at a very fast pace and have to make quick decisions when trying to solve problems for clients. The challenge with this is that quick decisions aren’t always necessarily the best decisions. Just because somebody asks you to solve a problem or answer a difficult question doesn’t mean you have to do it on demand.

One of the most powerful things a broker can do in this situation is to slow down and be still.

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Ask Denise: Targeting Two Markets

Q: “Denise, I am going to be relocating to an area that is a high-demand area for retirees from my current area. Just wondering how you think I should use that to my advantage?”

A: There are two key audiences that you should be marketing to – your current client base and agents. With your knowledge of both their market as well as your new market, that makes great sense to get the word out that you are one of those unique individuals who knows both. Read more »

Why Not NOW?

The #1 enemy of most real estate brokers today is procrastination.

While most real estate brokers do not lack creativity, customer service or drive, many of them do lack the ability to get things done. This is not just specific to real estate brokers. Almost every professional in every field suffers from some level of procrastination.

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Ask Denise: Recoup or Regroup?

Q: “Denise, I just closed five properties this month – my busiest month ever! My pipeline is about empty, but I don’t even care. I need some rest!! But the other side of me is thinking I better not take a break and get revved up for the next mountain. What do you think?”

A: I think you need to know thyself. Are you the type of agent who can take two weeks off, enjoy the moment, and then get back to work and take action? Read more »

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business this June 25th


Tired of reinventing the wheel all the time? Wish that you had the tools to compete and walk into a listing presentation with confidence? Feel like you are falling behind your competitors when it comes to lead generation? Are you not getting the past client referrals that you should?

Once you have your systems in order – your one-time, ongoing, and event-driven tasks – you can stop looking over your shoulder and feeling like you aren’t doing all you should be doing. You can actually relax when you have a lull in your business because you know that another transaction will come up because you have done what you need to do to secure that future business. You can stop wasting time preparing for listing presentations that you aren’t winning because you will finally have the tools to “WOW!”

Join Denise Lones as she helps to simplify your business – and your life! You should not miss this dynamic one-day event!

June 25th, 9:00am to 3:30pm, Issaquah, WA at the Bothell Hilton Garden Inn. Includes lunch and beverage service. Free event wi-fi available. Cost $39 or $89 with 5 Washington State approved continuing education credits. Register online or by calling 360-527-8904.


Is It Time to Try the “Distraction Diet”?

Are you feeling lethargic? Pulled in too many directions? Are you unable to complete the tasks you used to handle easily? Feeling weighed down and uninspired? Lacking energy and focus? If so, it may be time for what I call the distraction diet!

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