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Be on the Lookout for Up-and-Coming Communities

Recently I had a client call me to discuss how excited she was about writing an offer on an exciting new community in her area. I asked her if it was a community that I happen to know a lot about. She was so surprised that I had so much knowledge about it even though I hadn’t toured the model homes yet.

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Branding Spotlight: Steve Parker

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of our SEMI CUSTOM client Steve Parker, from Enumclaw, Washington. Steve wanted to take his branding up a notch with a luxurious and natural brand. He selected Semi-Custom design #20 and we applied his favorite natural green and silver palette. The cool charcoal background sets the stage for his bright home photos stand out. For a modern-yet classic look, we paired an elegant serif font with a clean sans-serif. Finally, a polished monogram crowns his new design. Read more »

Ask Denise: Snacks!

Q: “Denise, I have a weird situation. I was showing a couple properties last week. We had been out for a while and we were getting a little hungry. I always carry granola bars with me and offered these to tide us over until the break when we were going to eat. The wife was grateful but the husband was irritated that I didn’t have nuts or a protein bar. That really took me aback! I try to be proactive and take care of my buyers, so this really surprised me. Should I have a variety? If so, what should I have? Or was this guy just out of line and I shouldn’t worry about it?” Read more »

Branding with Group Photos

Every once in a while, I get a question that really warrants more space than my #AskDenise column that is featured in our weekly industry newsletter, the Zebra Report. This is one of those questions.

Have you ever spent time and money getting your team together for a photo which turns out perfect? It is a perfect day. Everyone looks great. There is great energy. For that moment, you are able to convey to potential clients the power of your team.

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Branding Spotlight: Mark Peterson

This week’s Branding Spotlight features the design of MASTERY agent Mark Peterson, from Lynnwood, Washington. Mark came to the branding process with a mental brand image of “rugged luxury.” The timeless earth-tones create an inviting platform for his content, with crisp white lines between each shape. The charcoal header and footer add weight and contrast. The blocks in the header and footer display a subtle rugged/natural halftone texture, and the smaller color blocks feature an additional ornate, luxurious gold pattern. The background features a tranquil pearlescent color that helps make the text pop. Read more »

Ask Denise: Winter Doldrums

Q: “Hi Denise –  I am struggling with the winter doldrums! I think the market is slowing down, so why don’t I just take some much needed time off?”

A: If time off is what you need then of course you need to take time off.  Taking time off is more dependent on when you need it, not just the time of year.

I do believe that this time of the year is an excellent time to pay attention to the many “season sensitive” opportunities there are out there. Read more »

The Word “NO” Is Not a Bad Word

If I gave up every time I heard the word NO, I would be defeated and I would simply assume that NO meant that the conversation was at its end.  However, I believe that NO means so much more than NO.  The word NO may be a respectful way for a potential client to tell you that the timing is bad, or the offer isn’t good enough, or they have changed their mind.  Believe it or not, NO is a word that is truly a gift, something to be respectful of and something to encourage.  Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Korey Staley

This week’s Branding Spotlight features the design of MASTERY agent Korey Staley, from Spokane, Washington. Korey has a dramatic yet understated design style and wanted an unique brand with local appeal. The crisp angles and understated low-poly texture in his design reflect Korey’s professional business style as well as his more adventurous side. Korey’s color selections include deep navy, rich blue, and soft grays with a pop of golden orange. The asymmetrical header features a photo with a unique perspective on a Spokane landmark. Read more »

Ask Denise: Market Reality Check

Q: “Denise, we are having a weird moment in our market right now. Inventory is still really tight, but a lot of buyers seem to be on a break! There are a lot of homes that have been on the market for a while. BUT when I try to talk to my buyers about this now opportunity, they say they want to wait until prices come back down. It seems like there is this mentality that prices are going to correct like they did back in 2009-2011. I just don’t see that happening. How can I get my buyers back into reality?” Read more »

Listing Presentation MUST HAVE’S

Gone are the days when you can just saunter into a listing presentation and hope your big smile and sunny personality will win over the potential sellers. The challenge today is that there are too many agents competing for the same listings because there are too few listings and too many agents. With listings being the hottest commodity out there you can bet you are not the only agent that is competing for the seller’s business. Sellers need to be wowed and you need to show your worth and why they would be making a big mistake if they didn’t choose you. Here are some of the most important things you MUST bring to your next listing presentation. Read more »

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