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Ask Denise: Potential Clients

Q: “Denise, I have some would-be sellers who reached out to me last year, but I haven’t really kept in touch. I think now is a great time to list. Should I just call them? Send them a CMA? What do you think I should do?”

I have two answers for you. First, you should send them a specific report on what is happening in their neighborhood in terms of listings, pendings, and sales. Include information about what you are seeing in the neighborhood and what they need to know about your observations. Then follow up with a phone call.

But now let me address the ongoing issue you are going to have unless you have some rules in your business around how you handle tracking potential clients and following up. First determine where your potential clients “live”. On a dry erase board in your office? On a sheet on a clipboard? On an Excel spreadsheet? The first step is to determine how to track them. You can also use our Potential Income Tracker if you are a Club Zebra PRO member.

The second step is to follow up with a very custom report or market update on their transaction or the area once per month. Find an excuse to reach out. And I am not talking about email. I am not talking about auto updates. I am talking about a paper custom report that you send out with a letter. Care for those potential clients!!

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