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Ask Denise: Database TLC

Q: “Denise, I need to update my database. It is a mess. I had an issue a few years ago with my CRM that messed up all the data and I just haven’t been sending much out or communicating. How would you suggest I tackle this?”

A: I am so glad to hear that you are taking this on as when you begin to treat this group of clients like gold, it will repay you time and time again. Here is how I would rebuild if I were in your shoes:

  1. Start with your clients who have closed this year or are current clients. Get them added.
  2. Then go back to last year, the year before, the year before, etc.
  3. As you go along, make sure they still live in the home you sold them!
  4. Then once you have your past clients added, look for your potential clients – the ones who haven’t made it to your current client list yet. These may be leads who aren’t ready to move forward.
  5. Then think about others who are in your sphere – these may be vendors, people who know you from a shared hobby or interest, friends, family, and community members. Add who you are comfortable adding.

Once you have the bulk of your database done, use a note-taking app on your phone to jot down names that come into your head while you are on the go. Have an assigned time once a week to add these other people to your database.

Give yourself deadlines for each of these steps. For example, for week 1 your goal may be to add your past clients 2017-2014. Week 2 may be to add 2013-2010. Stick to these goals and within a few weeks you should have your database in great shape.

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