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Ask Denise: Time to Move?

Q: “Hey Denise, I followed your office advice about staying put and trying to make my grass as green as possible before making a move. I have tried to make life at my brokerage bearable but I am just not happy there. What do you think about my making a move?”

This question references these previous posts Finding Your Brokerage “Fit” Part 1 & Part 2.

A:  I have always believed that where you hold your license is a critical part of your business.  Your brokerage should inspire and support you, motivate and assist you. Great brokerages, just like great agents are built over time.  I always tell agents to assess whether their brokerage is thriving or merely surviving. 

Brokerages that are thriving have an energy about them. They are alive and full of movement and activity.  Brokerages that are just surviving get quieter month by month, the agents don’t come into the office as much as they used to and their doesn’t seem to be the leadership it once had.

I always tell agents that before they leave their brokerage they need to “water” their garden at their current brokerage so they don’t run from brokerage to brokerage every time they get bored or lose a transaction.  Agents are very emotional but when choosing a brokerage, you need to be very deliberate and do your homework and interview, interview, interview brokerages and their agents.

If your brokerage is not working for you, first, ask yourself why?  Are you working? Are you doing what you need to do in your business or are you expecting your brokerage to do your heavy lifting? Always remember that your brokerage is there to assist and support you, but you are the CEO of your business.

If the time has come when you know you need to make a move then just make sure you make the right move only once. Reference the above links if you are thinking of a move for great questions to ask when finding your fit.

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