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Ask Denise: Time to Move?

Q: “Hey Denise, I followed your office advice about staying put and trying to make my grass as green as possible before making a move. I have tried to make life at my brokerage bearable but I am just not happy there. What do you think about my making a move?” This question references these […]

Finding Your Brokerage Fit (part 2 of 2)

Group of Real Estate Agents

Last week in my Zebra Report I talked about finding your right “fit” at a real estate brokerage and the three reasons why most agents feel they need to leave their brokerage for greener pastures: 1. Leadership is poor, weak, or non-existent.    2. The perception of value has changed.    3. The broker doesn’t […]

Ask Denise: Finding the Right Real Estate Office

Denise Lones

Q:  OK – I did it!  I got my real estate license and left a job I didn’t really like.  How do I find the right real estate office to join?  I’m a little panicky, and am wondering what to do next. A:   First, congratulations!  Next order of business: find the right spot to land!  […]

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