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Branding Spotlight: Semi-Custom Pro #130

Sidebars are quickly gaining popularity in 2018 branding, and for a good reason! Sidebars elongate the design and break up the grid of what buyers and sellers are so used to seeing. This week’s design spotlight features our Semi-Custom Pro branding design template #130. But wait—didn’t  we already feature this design? Yes, but there is more to see. This week, we want to show you the same design for the same sample-agent, but in blue! Blue is one of the most-requested branding colors, and we wanted to show off the versatility this bold design.

Branding with life-like images can be tricky, but this design takes advantage of modern photography techniques, including macro shots and color manipulation. In this variation, the design features a waterfall image colored blue and black for a dramatic effect. By increasing the contrast and tinting the colors, this waterfall gains anonymity and versatility. Compare this blue variation to its pink predecessor and you can see how a new photo and color change can transform the presence of each piece. If you love the full drama and luxury of the dark background but need the versatility of white flyers and letterhead, then this is the design for you. We will customize your brand with fonts, colors, and graphics that match your business style and target demographic so you can take your business to the next level.

With the purchase of this or any other Semi-Custom PRO brand, we will find the perfect branding graphic, create a name treatment, apply your portrait and brokerage logo, and customize the contact information. As the final result of your branding package, we will create and deliver up to 19 templates and tools to help you maximize the potential of your business.

Interested in branding your business? Customize this Semi-Custom Pro brand for $299 per month! Call us at (360) 527-8904, email [email protected], or learn more:

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