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Ask Denise: Collaborating Over Competing

Q: “Denise, if I go on vacation and another agent helps my client out and, in fact, helps one of my clients find a house, write the offer, and complete the transaction (this was a cash client who closed quickly), who gets to keep the client? I thought it was my client but apparently this other agent is marketing to them.”

A: It depends on your agreement with the agent. This is a great example as to why agreements made ahead of time are so important – agreements prevent disagreements. Without an agreement, the client relationship is ambiguous. Your brokerage may have rules around this sort of situation, so check with your managing broker.

For all of you going on vacation this summer (hopefully ALL of you are going on vacation this summer), having a written agreement around:

  1. How parties get paid
  2. Your expectations regarding communication and reporting (so you can still stay on top of things)
  3. What classifies an emergency and how to get ahold of you if need be
  4. What has been communicated to your potential and current clients about your absence and how your proxy should follow up
  5. Information regarding potential client needs and details in the event they are ready to move forward and how to do that
  6. Any specific instructions regarding closing gifts and processes
  7. The client relationship after closing
  8. And of course, details that your managing broker needs

is critical for maintaining your great relationship with your client and the great relationship with the other agent! It is tough to find someone you have a collaborative relationship with. Don’t cause hard feelings because you haven’t taken the time to sit down and plan before you go on your trip. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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One Response to “Ask Denise: Collaborating Over Competing”

  1. AMEN! In situations such as this, if the agent covering for me does the showing, the writing of the offer, and the continued follow up, that customer now becomes a referral. From me, to the other agent. If the agent covering for me merely shows a few homes, but once I return the customer resumes working with me, I will compensate the other agent accordingly. Depending on how much time and effort they spent while I was away.

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